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Body Reconstruction


While cosmetic surgery is focused in improving appearance, shape and aesthetics of different parts of the body, reconstructive surgery is performed to improve function and restore the body form as close as possible to its normal appearance.

Reconstructive surgery of the body is an essential part of Plastic surgery. During the training of a plastic surgeon, a great number of hours are dedicated to perform reconstructive surgery on abnormal structures of the body. These problems can be the result of birth malformation, infectious processes, surgical treatments, cancer treatments, burns or accidents in general.

Body reconstruction is highly specialized. These surgeries are characterized by careful preparation of the patient’s skin and tissues, by precise cutting and meticulous suturing techniques, and by care taken to minimize scarring and donor tissue morbidity. Body reconstruction may involve reconstructing the bone frame as well the soft tissue that covers it – skin, fat and muscle.

Recent advances and improved surgical techniques have expanded the range of plastic surgery operations that can be successfully performed. Dr. Salazar-Reyes performs multiple types of simple and complex reconstruction of the body. Most health insurance companies cover medically necessary reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Salazar-Reyes firmly thinks that plastic surgery has to be safe. Some patients should not have plastic surgery because of certain medical risks. At Natura Plastic Surgery Dr. Salazar-Reyes will carefully evaluate each patient and determine if plastic surgery is safe for them. Dr. Salazar-Reyes might ask his patients to be cleared prior their reconstructive procedure by certain specialists such as an Internist, Cardiologist or Hematologist among others.

"Patient well-being is the center of my practice"

Dr. Hector Salazar-Reyes

Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Double board certified

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