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Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction is a wide range of operations that encompass procedures of reconstruction after breast cancer and also reconstruction of other breast deformities (present from birth or acquired). Breast reconstruction may include reconstruction of all or some components of a natural breast. These components are: the breast mound, the nipple/areola and the opposite breast. Some problems involve the whole breast and some can involve just a part of the breast; for all cases reconstruction can be considered.

Breast reconstruction by restoration of the breast form and symmetry has multiple psychological and quality-of-life benefits. Breast reconstruction helps to restore a woman’s sense of body image and can recover self-esteem and self-confidence. Breast reconstruction is a journey that often involves several procedures and we try to achieve your expected results in the fewest surgical stages possible.

Each patient has a unique story and represents a unique case. Dr. Salazar-Reyes will be happy to evaluate you and determine, together with you, the following steps in your reconstructive journey.  Dr. Salazar-Reyes will dedicate time to know what your health status is, what the needs in your reconstruction are and to learn what your goals are.

In breast reconstruction related to cancer, in some cases, the reconstruction can started at the same time than the cancer surgery (immediate reconstruction); while in other cases the reconstruction can be performed at a later time (delayed reconstruction). The breast mound can be reconstructed with the patient’s own tissues (these include skin, fat and muscle usually from the abdomen or back) or with the use of implants. Sometimes, a combination of both the patient’s own tissues and implants is needed.

Patients that have already underwent a cancer surgery, patients that are about to undergo a partial or total mastectomy or those who just have been diagnosed with breast cancer are welcome and encouraged to make an appointment with Dr. Hector Salazar-Reyes. During your visits to Natura Plastic Surgery, Dr. Salazar-Reyes will take time to explain to you the pro’s and con’s of all types of reconstruction and will determine together with you which form of reconstruction is the most appropriate for you.

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