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Facial Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Skin cancer is very common in the United States, especially on the face. The mainstay of treatment of this malignancy includes surgical excision of the skin lesion. Even in the best case scenario skin cancer patients experience significant cosmetic defects or noticeable scars after surgery.

Facial Skin Cancer Reconstructive surgery focuses on the treatment of patients who have post-cancer irregularities to the face and neck. The goal of treatment is to restore natural form and function that allows patients to live as close to normal lives as possible. The challenges of these surgeries are to return skin color, contour and shape to patients with deformities while optimizing critical functions such as speech, swallowing and breathing.

At Natura Plastic Surgery we use reconstructive techniques that range from minimally invasive procedures and simple closures to advanced operations, using local or regional tissue rearrangement to achieve the best result. Obviously, Dr. Salazar-Reyes cannot guarantee that there will be no residual scar but we can assure you that we will use techniques that will create a scar as inconspicuous as possible. Most facial skin reconstruction can be repaired in a single procedure if the area to be treated is relatively small but sometimes multiple procedures are needed.


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Dr. Hector Salazar-Reyes

Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon
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